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Nicola S9 Apr - 10:43
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Challenge yourself to move 150 times in May


In January 2024 we began a year of celebrations to mark our Sesquicentennial Anniversary year and season. That’s 150 years of Rugby and providing sporting and social opportunities to the communities of Teignmouth, Dawlish, Shaldon and Ringmore and we love challenges….!

So, as part of our 150th celebrations your challenge in May is to complete our 150th Move-A-Thon! The aim is to get as many people as possible involved in completing 150 units of movement throughout the 31 days of May. This event is open to all, you don’t have to be a club member to take part.

Challenge yourself as an individual or complete the challenge as a group. What you do is up to you. You could: cycle 150 km, complete 150 squats a day, get your step count to 150 thousand steps each week, do 150 laps of the pitch or push a lawnmower for 150 hours. Your challenge, your choice, your target is to complete 150 of them whether that is kilometres, hours, reps or steps.

To track your progress please find and download our monthly Move-A-Thon Tracker on our Facebook event or ask for one behind the bar at Teignmouth RFC. Please also share your progress on the Move-A-Thon event page whether that's a picture of your monthly tracker or a screen shot from your Strava or activity tracker of choice. At the end of the month every participant who completes a Move-A-Thon Tracker of 150 units will receive a participation medal.

To sign up please donate £10 pounds to the page and comment: your Name, chosen type of movement, and indicate whether you are completing this as an individual or in a group. Every signed-up participant who complete the event will receive a 150th participation medal. All funds raised will go directly towards the continued Sesquicentennial celebrations of the Club for it's members and community to continue to enjoy

Supporters/Sponsor Details

If you wish to support but not take part, or sponsor an individual who is completing the event, then please do so on this page. If you wish please then "shout out" the individual or team you are supporting in the comments of your donation.

Please follow this link to our Facebook Event page for the 150th year Move-A-Thon -

Thank you for reading and we hope you get involved, Bob & 150th Planning Committee

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